📌 Dear friends, please be gentle with yourself if you are experiencing any sense of grief or loss.

Love, Anayah 💗

How wonderful it feels to receive clear messages from your angels!

There are no 'use-by' dates on their messages for you so trust your guidance, and ignore the dates on the posts!
The angels are the joyful creations of the Creator, so have faith and trust in their love and support for you.
Ask for their help and guidance, then pay attention to their signs and signals in the coming days and weeks.

While you're here, take a look around.
The angels have a lot to support and guide in all areas of your daily life you here,
and it's all instant access, no charge, freely given, with love from your angels and I!

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*It is pleasure to be able to provide, at absolutely no cost, the angels' loving wisdom, guidance and support for you to access anytime 24/7 Click here. Enjoy!

Please note I do not offer free readings.

Receive wonderful, free angel messages to help and guide you on the Angel Messages page.

These beautiful messages are channelled from the angels and are provided absolutely free of charge
- a gift to you, from the angels, online since 2007.

I know you will enjoy them and find great comfort and guidance in them
Please remember that you are in charge of all choices you make,
and the messages are not intended to replace that, nor provide medical or legal advice.
Love, Anayah