The archangels are here to guide you ...

Invite them into your life, and know your path will unfold before you with them by your side.

Dear friends, a quick note on how I personally view the angels, archangels, and all angelic realms:

The archangels, and indeed the angels, are non-denominational, all loving celestial beings dedicated to bringing more peace, love, and harmony, and to helping us all discover more personal freedom through their love and support.

The angels and archangels have been created as loving support. - this is Gods gift to us all.

If you are uncomfortable with the word God, please use whatever term you prefer, as my site is non-denominational and all inclusive.

Love, Anayah

By understanding the meaning of the Archangels names,
we learn about their functions and some of
the many ways they can assist us if we ask for their help.

Archangel Ariel -
Ariels name means - "lion or lioness from God"

Ariel is probably one of your guardian angels if you have
an unquenchable desire to help and nurture mother nature and or animals,
and if you find yourself naturally being drawn to their aid and assistance.

*Often, Ariel connects with people who have a natural affinity with the Fairey realm

Archangel Azrael -
Azraels name means - "whom God helps"

The great comforter, Azreal escorts newly crossed over souls,
and helps comfort the grieving.

*Call on Azrael to assist and guide if you are a counsellor, or help people come to terms with grief,
with grief, loss and feelings of being alone or 'cut off'.

Archangel Chamuel -
Chamules name means - "he who sees God"

The angel of peace in all its forms, Chamuel will help you discover
 all you may need to assist and support you if you feel called to be an agent of peace.

* Chamuel is an awesome support if you seem to have 'lost' something!
Simply ask "Archangel Chamuel (think sham-you-elle) thank you for
revealing the whereabout od ..... to me. Thank you"

Archangel Gabriel -
Gabriels name means - " God is my strength"

Gabriel is the messenger angel. Call on her if you have messages of
peace you wish to share with the world.

*Gabriel is noted as a brilliant supporter for writers;  for inspired ideas, how to express them,
creating the time to write, drawing the right publisher, or indeed whether self-publishing may the
be most suited to your work, in fact, everything, and anything to do with your passion for writing!

Archangel Haniel -

Daniels name means - "grace of God"

Haniel will help you discover, tap into, and enhance your own signature spiritual gifts.

*Stand under the moon in any of its phases, look up, close your eyes, and call on Haniel to bathe you in her love,
the moons energy to replenish yours and help you to connect with the feminine aspects of your nature.
This is important balancing for every person.

Archangel Jeremiel -

Jermiels name means - "mercy of God"

Jermiel is known as 'the life review' angel and will help you
make new choices about how you wish to live

Archangel Jophiel -
Johpiels name means - "beauty of God"

Jophiel is also known as the 'feng shui' angels.
Call on Johpiel to assist you to see the beauty within yourself, and in others

Archangel Metatron -

Metatron has been called "the Angel of the Presence", and he was once a mortal man,
the prophet and scribe Enoch who is said to have "walked with God".

Learn more about Metatron on this edition of The Archangel Series dedicated to Metatron.

Archangel Michael - Michael's name means - "he who is like God"

Michael is a powerful protector and the guardian angel of planet earth.

Archangel Nathaniel -"The Lightworkers angel"

Not a lot has been written about Nathaniel as yet.
You can tune into his energy, and connect with him on the 'Nathaniel' edition of

Archangel Raguel -

Raguel's name means - "friend of God"

Raguel helps with resolving all arguments, misunderstandings, or disputes 

Archangel Raphael -

Raphael's name means - "God heals", or "God has healed"

Call on Raphael to assist with all forms of healing, and to assist
you if you are called to help aid healing of any kind

Archangel Raziel -

Raziel's name means - "secret of God"
Raziel knows all the secrets of the Universe and how everything operates

 Call on Archangel Raziel for information of any kind. Ask!

Archangel Sandolphon -

Sandolphons' chief role is to carry human prayer to God so they may be answered.

Sandolphon is the only other archangel whos' name does not end in 'el'

*Please also see Archangel Metatron

Archangel Uriel -

Uriel's name means - "God is light", or "God's light", or "fire of God"

Uriel will help light your path, shine your focus on your true intentions, and instil bright ideas into your awareness

Archangel Zadkiel -

Zadkiel's name means - "the righteousness of God"
Zadkiel will help you find peace in your mind

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Love, Anayah