The Ascended Masters Series is another inspiring Angel Heart Radio production!
Get ready to learn about, and enjoy 9 Ascended Masters in a totally NEW way!

The Ascended Masters Series is a unique look at 9 ascended masters, who they were while on the earth plane, and how you can connect, communicate and walk with them - regardless of what your religious, spiritual, or worldviews may,
or may not, be.

We can all benefit from a loving relationship with them as they guide us, leading us ever deeper to experience and share the magnificent love that they embodied while in physical form - and now, in their Divine form.

Enjoy your Instant Access to this wonderful, original, unique content, another divinely inspired series of programs from the divinely inspired Angel Heart Radio! 

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Gautama Buddha (or Buddha) is an Ascended Master who changed the world for so many.

We discuss his teachings and how we can apply them in our modern daily lives for deep transformation and true peace.

Learn more through conversation and channelling on this enlightening show.

Feel the peace of the Buddha's loving energies!

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa walked the earth as a woman of devotion
and service to relieving the burdens of the poor.

She lived in poverty because of her vows as a devout nun but was an incredible manifester and
fundraiser on behalf of the needy through her deep and all-encompassing love for Creator / God.

A beautiful episode of inspiration!
St Francis

Deply devoted, Patron Saint of ecology, inspiration to thousands, claimed by people of all faiths as well.

St Francis of Assisi is the featured ascebded master on this episode

Learn more about St Francis of Assisi & would you like to hear more, and experience a beautiful guided inner wisdom meditation,
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Mother Mary

The depths of a mother's love know no bounds.

The Virgin Mary was the
mother of Jesus and her profound love for her son, a true spiritual
Master, extends now to all of creation.

Mary is known in the astral realms as the "Queen of Angels" and is a spiritual Master in her own
St Germain

Ascended Master St Germain is the Chohan ("Leader") of the 7th Ray - the Violet Ray.

The 7th Ray is the ray of alchemy, change, magic, and transmutation
are not for the choosen few, but rather for us all to embrace and be inspired by everday!

The Violet Flame of St Germain is an incredible healing energy that we will share with you on today's show.

Jesus of Nasareth

As an Ascended Master, Jesus provides that same Divine love and tender
care to all who ask for his assistance.

Religious, or not, Jesus gives love and guidance to all who seek Him.

A truly compassionate and deeply
heart-centred teacher, Jesus offers guidance in modern times too.
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Padre Pio

Padre Pio was a 20th centur friar, mystic, and priest.

He has much to teach us as an Ascended Master about trust and surrender,
qualities we can learn from him, and hone in order to bring much more
peace and fulfillment int our daily lives.

He was also
famous for being a stigmatist -
he bore the signs of stigmata or
bleeding, thought to be given by God to represent Jesus',
what does that mean?

Kuan Ti

Kuan Ti - The Light of Peace On World Events.

There would be few of us who do not desire peace - world peace, peace in the home, peace in relationships and more. 

Kuan Ti was a Chinese Han
Dynasty General who learned to use strategies to avoid conflict is now an  Ascended Master.

An enlightening message of the peaceful path from one who came to this understanding in his own time.
Kwan Yin

Kwan Yin,  bringer of mercy and compassion, love and support, will
comfort you and bestow mercy beyond the bounds of what is called for by human justice.

She will wipe away your tears and offer you her deepest

She is a beautiful being of light and now you can learn all
about her, and how to connect and work with her.
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