"My passion is helping you bring your connection with the angels to life!"
My name is Anayah Joi Holilly. The angels' love and joy is a beautiful gift for us all.
It's great that you've chosen to come check in with the angels, and with me.

Hello beautiful soul! 

If you don't know much about me yet, my name is Anayah, and among other blessings, I work with the angels in my everday life.

I love it! 

My passion is helping you to connect with the angels too.

What does that mean for you?

I created Angel Light 777 in 2007, and then Angel Heart Radio in 2010


To support you, and remind you that you matter in th world, that you are surrounded and supported by a loving, generous
spiritual team at all times - no matter what.

My role as your here is to help you to get clear on that,
teach you the tools you need, and to help you strengthen your confidence to really get comfortable with that.

You have your own natural, in built, God ( Creator) given ability to connect with your angels, guardian angels and the
archangels, as they are a gift to us, a gift of joy.

I call them the 'joyfully created from Creator' 

For some people, having their own natural connection sounds impossible, yet, I know it is entirely possible,
and natural for us all to connect in our own personal ways.

Helping you with your own personal connection is a pure joy for me.

Take your time, have a look around at all I've created here for you, visit Angel Heart Radio , subscribe on iTunes to listen to
what you want, how you want, and when you want,
and enjoy all we bring to you to support you in practicle ways, and to remind you that you matter in the world.

It is time for you to bring your gifts forward in ways that bring you joy!

Over the past 17 years, I have opened my own angel-channel wider and wider, and it has become clearer, and clearer.

We are hard-wired if you will with the natural ability to connect with the angels.

We can, and often do, 'forget' this, however.

Don't worry. This doesn't have to permanently affect you.

I can help you remember your connection, so you can deepen your natural ability to clearly communicate
with more easily with your angels, guardian angels, and archangels.


Your angel-attention  can skyrocket!

We have a wonderful and blessed path before us.

Love, Anayah xox

Certified Angel Intuitive 2003, Certified AI Advanced Training 2006, Angel Heart Radio Founder 2010, direct angel channel and voice for the angels

"Dear angels, help me move forward with courage. Thank you".
"The angels can help you with absolutely anything, and everything!

You were born perfectly perfect in every way.

So was I.

We all forgot this over time, and we strive for that 'out there' kind of perfection that only leaves us feeling less than,
lacking, and just plain wrong in some way.

Part of the angels' purposeful joy is helping us remember our divine perfection, our divine spark if you like, so we then choose
to let go of that false sense of perfection we strive for. To bring us home to our magnificence"
*It is pleasure to be able to provide, at absolutely no cost, the angels' loving wisdom, guidance and support for you to access anytime 24/7 Click here. Enjoy!

Please note I do not offer free readings.

Receive wonderful, free angel messages to help and guide you on the Angel Messages page.

These beautiful messages are channelled from the angels and are provided absolutely free of charge
- a gift to you, from the angels, online since 2007.

I know you will enjoy them and find great comfort and guidance in them
Please remember that you are in charge of all choices you make,
and the messages are not intended to replace that, nor provide medical or legal advice.
Love, Anayah